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The North Slope Science Catalog has been developed by the North Slope Science Initiative (NSSI) to facilitate the discovery and distribution of data and information products that promote science based research and management within the North Slope region of Alaska and contribute to a better understanding of the circum-arctic region.

Catalog News

April 9, 2017: Ozone Monitoring Pilot Project National Petroleum Reserve Inigok, Alaska
This report summarizes and analyzes ozone data measured at the BLM Inigok site located in a remote area on Alaska’s North Slope in the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska (NPR-A) during the 2014 field season. Results from this effort are compared to data collected during the same time period at Barrow and Umiat. <br><br> For further information: <a title='undefined' href='http://catalog.northslope.org/catalog/entries/8469' />Click Here</a>

March 20, 2017: Reliability Based Design Criteria for Arctic Offshore Oil and Gas Structures
A full complement of design values for the North Slope region is required to implement and ultimately, produce safe and reliable offshore structure designs. This project included identification of existing metocean data of good quality and quantity to serve as an adequate statistical sample of data. After processing into a common format, bulk statistics were calculated from the samples that are relevant to offshore structure design. These statics included quantile values corresponding to parameter values with a low rate of occurrence ie. identify those values of metocean parameters that have occurred, but occur infrequently. <br><br> For further information: <a title='undefined' href='http://catalog.northslope.org/catalog/entries/8464' />Click Here</a>

February 23, 2017: Hilcorp Ecological Study Reports for 2015
Hilcorp Alaska, LLC assumed 50% ownership and 100% operatorship of the Milne Point Unit, and 100% ownership and 100% operatorship of Northstar Island and Endicott Island (including the main production Island and the satellite drilling island) from BP Exploration (Alaska), Inc on 18 Nov. 2014, . As part of this transfer of assets, Hilcorp Alaska, LLC assumed responsibility for several ecological monitoring projects associated with the transferred North Slope assets. The links herein will serve as a repository for the annual reports that are generated for each of the projects. Only 2015 and later reports are included as that was the first year Hilcorp executed the projects. <br><br> These reports currently include:<br> Summary of 2015 Subsistence Whaling Season at Cross Island<br> Beaufort Sea Fish Monitoring Study of Nearshore Fishes in the Prudhoe Bay Region: 2015 Annual Report<br> Monitoring of industrial sounds, seals and bowhead whales near Hilcorp Northstar Oil Development, Alaska Beaufort Sea 2015 Summary Report<br><br> Locate these reports in Catalog using the 'Hilcorp' collection in the search menus or: <a title='undefined' href='http://catalog.northslope.org/catalog/entries?utf8=%E2%9C%93&search%5Bquery%5D=&search%5Border%5D=relevance&limit=20&commit=Search&search%5Bcollections%5D%5B%5D=8&search%5Bstarts_after%5D=&search%5Bstarts_before%5D=&search%5Bends_after%5D=&search%5Bends_before%5D=' />Click Here</a>

February 17, 2017: AkDOG Updates to North Slope Unit Working Interest and Oil and Gas Activity Maps
Alaska Division of Oil and Gas maps for North Slope Unit Land Working Interest Ownership (January 2017) and North Slope Oil and Gas Activity Map (December 2016) have been updated. They are also available from the AkDOG website (see links on record). <br><br> For further information: <a title='undefined' href='http://catalog.northslope.org/catalog/entries/3636' />Click Here for OG Activity</a> Map or <a title='undefined' href='http://catalog.northslope.org/catalog/entries/4808' />Click Here for WIO Mmap</a>

February 10, 2017: ASL ULS/ADCP Instrument Specifications
Instrument specification for ASL ULS/ADCP studies have been added to Catalog for download. Upward Looking Sonar (ULS) and Acoustic Dopler Current Profiler(ADCP) are part of the Shell data delivery. These data and the associated reports and documentation are processed data for ice keel depth, ice velocity and ocean current profile measurements and include vessel observations. Deployment of ULS and ADCP started in 2005 for the Beaufort Sea and in 2008 for the Chukchi Sea. This work continued through 2014. <br><br> For further information: <a title='undefined' href='http://catalog.northslope.org/catalog/entries/8459' />Click Here</a>